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Masked or Mask-less

The mask policy in the High School changed last week. Now, students who are vaccinated and have parental consent are allowed to go mask-less. Unvaccinated students are still required to wear their masks. Many students agree with the policy change and others have their reservations.

Many argue masks are unnecessary to wear because Covid-19 cases have declined significantly. Additionally, masks are bothersome and distracting to some students, going mask-less is in their eyes more conducive to learning. Further, students often were not even following mask guidelines, to begin with, making the old guidelines largely ineffective. These are some of the reasons why so many students are appreciative of the new guidelines. After wearing masks for a year and a half, it is great for those who are vaccinated to finally be able to take them off and everyone to see each other's faces!

Others feel that wearing masks in school is beneficial. They believe that if everyone wears the masks, we will be more capable of preventing the spread of covid throughout the school, and masks can stop students from carrying the virus from school to home. Especially since there have been many breakthrough cases in school, even with vaccinated individuals getting Covid.

All in all, we hope the new guidelines will be adhered to and that the number of cases of Covid will continue to dwindle.

By: Talia Herssein (9th grade)

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