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Max Lehmann Reviews Netflix Show "1899"

1899 is a new Netflix show and was their number-one series for some time. The show follows the passengers of the Kerberos, a ship traveling from Europe to America. Protagonist Maura Franklin is a lone traveler trying to find her brother, who supposedly boarded The Prometheus, a ship that went missing. At first, the characters, setting, and plot seem mostly realistic although a bit odd from our postmodern perspective. However, we soon learn that everyone on the ship has something to hide, and nothing is as it seems. When the ship’s crew receives a signal from The Prometheus, they make their way to the lost ship but find one survivor, leaving the Kerberos’ passengers and crew with more questions than answers. I really enjoyed 1899 although it does include some graphic scenes that some might find unsuitable or triggering. If you are a fan of mysteries or just looking for a new show, I highly recommend it.

By: Max Lehmann (10th)

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