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Meet Gianpaulo


Gianpaulo Di Zio is the newest member of Hebrew Academy’s IT team. The Warrior Word sat down with him to learn more about his interest in computers and music. 

Julia Ohana: Where were you before you were working at Hebrew Academy?

Gian Paulo: I worked at an IT company that did installations for new buildings at construction sites.

J: Where was that located?

G: In Miami, mostly Fort Lauderdale.

J: What brought you to Hebrew Academy?

G: I never imagined working at a school, but computers and music have always intrigued me. I was born in Venezuela and I spent half of my life there, and moved to Miami at age fourteen.

J: Where do you like living more?

G: I like living here more, definitely!

J: What got you into computer science?

G: I started studying music when I was younger which evolved into music production and being a DJ at clubs – all of which are related to computer science – they go hand in hand.

J: Do you have any stories behind your tattoos?

G: Yeah there are some stories. They are mostly for decoration.

J: Do you like working in a school with students, and do you ever interact with them?

G: I enjoy working here, and I interact with students all of the time.

By: Julia Ohana (12th grade)

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