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Meet Morah Aviva Moshe


By: Samantha Ebner (11th Grade)

This week, The Warrior Word sat down with Hebrew Teacher Morah Aviva Moshe.

Samantha Ebner: Hi, where were you born?

Morah Aviva Moshe: I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel.

SE: And then when did you move to America?

MAM: I moved when I was 25.

SE: And where did you move to? Did you move to Miami originally?

MAM: Yes.

SE: Where?

MAM: I used to live in North Miami Beach.

SE: And now where do you live?

MAM: I live now in Hollywood.

SE: What did you do before teaching at the Hebrew Academy?

MAM: Jacobson Sinai Academy, it’s in Aventura.

SE: Did you not like it there?

MAM: No, no. I loved it there. I worked there for 16 years and they closed, unfortunately, so I moved to another home and I found Hebrew Academy.

SE: When did you first start working at the Hebrew Academy?

MAM: Last year.

SE: And you like it?

MAM: I love it.

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