Meet Ms. Zack


This week, the Warrior Word sat down with science teacher Ms. Zack and discussed her favorite field of science and her high school years.

Jack Benveniste-Plitt: Hi Ms. Zack.

Ms. Zack: Hello, how are you?

JBP: I’m doing well. How long have you been at the Hebrew Academy for?

Ms.Z: This will be my sixth year.

JBP: And what do you teach here?

Ms.Z: I teach science, right now ninth grade, eleventh grade, and twelfth grade.

JBP: Which types of science?

Ms.Z: Biology, well I’ve taught almost everything here; biology, chemistry, physics, nutrition.

JBP: What would you say your favorite field of science is?

Ms.Z: My favorite thing to teach right now is psychology.

JBP: Psychology?

Ms.Z: Yes.

JBP: Is there a reason why?

Ms.Z: It’s just really fun, and students are very enthusiastic about learning it, so I never have to worry about motivation.

JBP: What were you like in high school?

Ms.Z: In high school, I was a very good student, top student, graduated with a 4.0, and almost perfect grades. I was one of those.

JBP: Did you do anything else in high school?

Ms.Z: Yeah. I did theater, I did music, I was in the band, and the chorus. We had a chorus that was just like the one in Glee.

JBP: Oh, that’s so cool. What instrument did you play?

Ms.Z: I played flute, piano, violin, and viola.

JBP: Is there a type of music genre that you like?

Ms.Z: I like a lot of things; I like pretty much everything, but primarily in show choir we sang show tunes, and orchestra, we played primarily orchestral music, classical music. I was also in the musicals, High School Musical.

JBP: So just like the students here?

Ms.Z: Yeah, just like them.

JBP: Thank you Ms. Zack.

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