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Miriam Peretz Visits Hebrew Academy

We cried. We laughed. We were amazed at her incredible strength. In the defense of the state of Israel, Miriam Peretz gave a huge sacrifice: twice.

On December 11th, Hebrew Academy High School had the honor of hearing Miriam Peretz speak. She spoke about the tragic events in her life when both of her sons were killed fighting for the state of Israel. Her first son, Uriel, a soldier in the IDF’s elite Golani Brigades, was killed in an explosion during a military mission in Lebanon in 1998. Her second son, Eliraz, the father of four young children, was killed in a Palestinian ambush near the Gaza border.

Her story is a powerful one. It is a story of bravery and strength. We all sat there stunned at her unwavering devotion to G-d and the entire family of the Jewish nation. Despite the tragedies she endured in her life, she still has an optimistic outlook on life.  

In the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu, “We are amazed by the mother’s strength, Miriam, the mother of the sons. The entire nation draws strength from her courage.” 

By: Malka Suster

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