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Movie Review: Dr. Strange

I recently went to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with my school in Israel and here's what I thought. This film was an absolute mess of a marvel movie and that says a lot coming from me since I enjoyed the Morbius film.

I felt that the film's pacing is way too quick and that the story is all over the place. Every 20 minutes there would be another twist that would contradict the previous ones. Our hero, Dr. Strange, barely even gets any development and is rarely the main focus of the movie. The film has this horror feel to it and didn’t really ring for me. Marvel never really did a horror-like movie so you can tell they were experimenting a lot with it.

One big thing from this movie that disappointed me was that in the trailers they would hint at the Illuminati, which is a secret group of superheroes deciding the fate of the world. The Illuminati are comprised of recurring Marvel characters and new marvel characters that everyone was excited to see including me. In the film, we get to see the Illuminati which contained Captain Marvel, Captain Carter, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic, and even professor X. These characters were so cool to see in live-action, and having John Krasinski play Mr. Fantastic was the perfect casting. Unfortunately, though, we only got around 5 minutes of screen time because the villain, Wanda, kills them all.

Something in the film that bugged me was that some of the characters had ridiculous deaths, like falling rubble characters, who can literally take lasers to the face, were simply crushed by debris such as Captain Marvel and Wanda herself. I thought that Sinister Dr. Strange would have more of a stake in the plot, but he was also only there for around 5 minutes. During that time, he fought regular Dr. Strange with music notes, and then he just falls off the Sanctum and gets impaled by a garden fence.

The only thing that I found cool about the movie was zombie Dr. Strange in which Dr. Strange possesses the body of a deceased version of himself in order to face off against Wanda. He gets attacked by spirits, but then uses them to form a cloak, which I thought was pretty cool. In conclusion, this film was definitely overhyped by the trailers. Unfortunately, they don't really need to try to recruit fans anymore because they know that Disney fans will still watch it and tickets will be sold, and that disappoints me.

By: John Delgado (10th)

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