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New Inductees Join Prestigous Hebrew Honor Society

On Tuesday December 6, the Hebrew Academy inducted 21 students to the Hebrew National Honor Society. Mark Alishayev, Michael Fedida, Sara Fuchs, Shani Kravetz, Lexi Sugar, and Malka Suster, the 6 standing members, were all proud to welcome Zoe Sugar, Daniel Merran, Yael Sterenfeld, Brian Garcia, Shani McCarley, Alma Itchak, Noah Dobin, Yakov Schwab, Joseph Abrahams, Moshe Goldring, Raquel Zohar, Sarina Abramowitz, Michal Cohen, Adira Kahn, and Jack Benveniste-Plitt to the Hebrew Honor Society.

“We’ve got new faces this year, a new president, so you just got to be grateful for what you have,” said Mark Alishayev (11th). “They bring in new vibes.”

Despite already earning a place in the prestigious Hebrew Honor Society in previous years, the standing members still feel pride in their achievements.

“It felt nice that I know I worked hard to get good grades in Hebrew language, and it’s nice that the Hebrew teachers showed their appreciation in my work,” said Honor Society Treasurer Sara Fuchs (12th).

The new inductees were equally excited to be a part of this exclusive club.

“I am proud and honored that I was privileged to join the prestigious Hebrew Honor Society,” remarked Noah Dobin (10th).

The ceremony, led by the inductees themselves, featured speeches from head of school Rabbi Zvi Kahn and Rabbi Avraham Kook, the founder of Generations of Israel, a program designed to instill a love of Israel in its participants.

Morah Kravetz, the head of the Hebrew National Honor Society, has high expectations for the new group of leaders.

“I am very proud of the members. They are very organized and did a lot of the ceremony themselves. I expect them to take leadership in activities like the fundraising that we did for Israel, and to speak Hebrew when we have guest speakers. These are the people that I like to see representing our school. Speak Hebrew not just in class, but to everybody and anybody you can.”

By: Jack Benveniste-Plitt (10th Grade)

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