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Parsha Lech Lecha

Parashat Tetzaveh

Throughout all stages of life, people always tend to think that behaving like everyone else is the “cool” thing to do. This was also the case in the times of אברהם (Abraham) when everyone worshiped idols and credited them for the creation of the world. Considering his father was a merchant who sold idols, it would have been very easy for אברהם (Abraham) to act like everyone else in the world and serve idols. However, he realized that an idol could not have been capable of performing miraculous feats as it is only a rock-like figure. He then became the first person to acknowledge G-d and realize His greatness. אברהם (Abraham) went against the beliefs of his family, friends, and almost everybody in his time. Everyone thought he was crazy when he proclaimed that only one true G-d exists and only He controlled all the functions of the world. He knew on his own that just because everyone else is doing something, or believes in something, does not make it right. Although everybody ridiculed him for his beliefs, he was unaffected by the criticism and continued in embracing his discovery. Two crucial life lessons can be taken away from the actions of אברהם (Abraham) in this week’s Torah portion, פרשת לך לך (Parshat Lech Lecha).

First, just because everyone is doing the “popular” thing, does not mean it is the correct thing to do and that you are obligated to do the same. Second, אברהם (Abraham) teaches that you should always follow what you believe in and keep building on those beliefs. As high schoolers and young Jewish men and women, we can apply what אברהם (Abraham) teaches into every aspect of our lives. There is always a time when we can decide what is right for ourselves regardless of what everybody else says or does. Additionally, there is always an opportunity to voice your opinions and beliefs and be heard.

Shabbat Shalom.

By: Jeremy Dobin (9th Grade)

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