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Parshat Shmini

This week’s Torah portion is Parshat Shmini. The laws of Kashrut are given to the Jewish people and the text gives the reasoning as, “Because I am Hashem who brought you out of Egypt to be your G-d. Therefore, since I am holy, you must also remain holy.” Hashem is giving us these instructions in order for us to emulate him, but what is the relevance of holiness with leaving Egypt?

According to the Sforno, there was an unspoken promise made when G-d took the Jews out of Egypt that is now being reiterated. Now that Hashem freed them and made them His people, they have an obligation to do as he says. The purpose of Hashem’s ways was to aid the Jews in growing spiritually. Hashem desires kodesh, holiness, for them, and this is how they will achieve that.

Additionally, the Ibn Ezra adds that G-d is giving the Jewish people an ultimatum. He is saying, “Here is how you become holy, but if you do not wish to become holy you will not be my people anymore.” He is threatening the people that if they do not abide by these laws of Kashrut and become holy, that he will abandon them.

But on the other hand, Hashem will always remain with the Jewish people when they uphold His commandments. Hashem has never abandoned the Jews. May we follow the Mitzvot and merit the redemption of Mashiach quickly and in our time. Shabbat Shalom!

By: Alexa Szafranski (9th Grade)

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