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Parshat Vayakhel

Parashat Tetzaveh

By: Sherri Shahar (11th)

In this week’s Parsha, Moshe gathered Bnei Yisrael and taught them the laws of Shabbat. The Torah mentions that Moshe gathered the nation of Israel and spoke to them but concludes by saying that the left Moshe’s presence. Why does the Torah emphasize that they left Moshe’s presence?

When the verse states, “They left Moshe’s presence,” it is emphasizing that it was evident the Jewish people had been with Moshe and had been learning Torah from him. Moshe’s influence was so powerful that they still acted as if they were in Moshe’s presence.

If a Jewish person studies Torah daily, they  carry themselves in a more refined manner. Therefore, It should be recognizable to a bystander even when he’s doing day-to-day activities, that he is someone who studies Torah. According to the Talmud in Yoma, someone who studies Torah is honest in business and is a generous person.

This parsha teaches us that one person can make a big impact on someone else. Learning torah and applying it to our lives everyday will make a big difference in the way we carry ourselves and they way we project ourselves onto others. We must always carry the same presence the nation of Israel did after they left Moshe’s presence.  

Shabbat Shalom!

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