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Poem: Books/Bullets

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Mother and daughter walking in park at sunset

I couldn’t understand what was going on,

As I watch the TV screen with my mother.

Children just like you and me running.

Running and running like no tomorrow,

Running to hang on to safety.

They clutch to their mothers,

Hoping they can shield away the pain and horror.

One, two, three, the bullets went out

Just a minute before, they were learning.

Learning math, science, history, english…

Learning how to make the world a better place.

Then one, two, three, they were falling.

Left and right they went.

I couldn’t understand how it happened.

These kids, just like you and me,

They too had friends, families,and a future.

One, two, three.


Their whole world shattered.

And for what, for going to school?

To try to make the world a better place?

They shatter

Into one, two, a million pieces  

How can someone hurt such beautiful souls?

We all say sorry.

What else is there to say?

It is not enough to say sorry.

Won’t bring them back.

Won’t repair the damage.

Sorry is not enough.

We must stand tall and act.

For those who fell.

For those who had a future,

We must act for the future.

Perhaps, someone will come to save us

For now, we stand united looking towards dawn.

By: Michal Cohen (12th Grade)

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