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Q&A with Special Speaker IDF Hero Amiel Shemesh

This past Wednesday, the 10th and 11th graders got the incredible opportunity to hear from Amiel Shemesh, a 25-year-old distinguished member of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite counterterrorism unit, Duvdevan (Unit 217). 

Amiel Shemesh began the assembly with a guitar duet singing with his father, a former IDF cook.

Amiel shared a few stories from the front lines of Gaza. For one, he shared his firsthand experience in Gaza. After having been in Gaza for two and a half months, Amiel shared his daily operations; he explained where they got food, his challenges, operations they went through, and missions they completed. 

Amiel also shared a heart-warming story about a puppy his unit saved when they were in Gaza. Amiel and his team posted a video of the instance where they show the spirit of the Am Yisrael on social media which got three-million views.  In the viral video, they explain how they saved and helped the puppy, and spread the message of helping people who can’t help themselves.

His firsthand accounts offer a rare glimpse into the complexities of modern warfare, shedding light on the courage and bravery exhibited by individuals like himself. Through his stories of close encounters and daring operations, Amiel not only highlights the realities of the conflict but also the importance of unity in overcoming challenges. 

Amiel's narrative transcends the battlefield, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Through his singing he provides a unique way of expressing the power of the Jewish nation and hope. 

Amiel’s journey serves as inspiration, demonstrating hope and resilience in the face of adversity. 

By: Miriam Cohen (11th)

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