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Rabbi Levian Comes Back!

A few weeks ago, Rabbi Kleinman made a wonderful return from serving in the IDF after being called in for the war. Now on Erev Chanukah, another miracle occurred: the return of Rabbi Daniel Levian after heroically fighting for Israel at the Gaza Strip, leaving his wife and two young children at home.

It was a seemingly ordinary day at the Hebrew Academy until students were suddenly called for an assembly. Students walked into the auditorium puzzled. On one hand, teachers held their phones out, recording, and on the other hand, Mrs. Kaltman was delivering a serious speech about respect. Some students were convinced it was a color war breakout, but little did they know it was something much better. Once Mrs. Kaltman finished her speech, the curtains opened, revealing Rabbi Levian and his kids. A few moments later, the stage was crowded with boys running to hug their Rabbi. It turned into a celebratory mosh pit and dance party. The girls danced with Mrs. Levian holding the Israeli flag as the boys jumped around with Rabbi Levian. When the dancing finished, Rabbi Levian made an impactful speech on respect and ve‘ahavta lere’acha kamocha. He said one of the key ways to win this war is by loving each other and all of the soldiers. After his speech, the students danced for one more song before being dismissed back to class.

This was an incredible moment that students will not forget. The Hebrew Academy will keep showing tremendous support as we stand with Israel and hope for the return of all of the other soldiers to their families.

By: Tamar Van Dam (9th) & Adina Shagalov (9th)

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