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School Caps Off Chanukah With Carnival

By: Bailey Spitz (9th Grade)

This past Monday, Hebrew Academy students and faculty participated in a Chanukah Carnival to celebrate the last day of the holiday.

Students received tickets to play carnival games at nine different booths, where they would receive points for winning. The grade that scored the most was granted a trip to the beach.

“I thought the carnival was a great idea because it was something new, something never done,” said Kayla Wolfson (11th Grade). “The competition against other grades was really exciting and made it taken seriously.”

The festival had nine booths including Balloon Darts, Ring Toss, Corn Hole, and more. Each grade was given a certain amount of tickets that were evenly distributed amongst the high schoolers. Students racked up points with each game, all to be tallied to determine which grade would win the beach day.

“My favorite game was the game where you shot the nerf gun through targets,” said Herchel Karp (9th). “I got the most points you could get, which was fun.”

However, some wished that they had been granted more tickets, because they wanted to continue playing the games even without the points.

“I wish we had gotten more tickets, because I wanted to play more games,” Ben Rubinov (10th) said. “The beach trip was not the only thing that made the carnival fun.”

Student Council President Raquel Zohar (12th) was very pleased with the students’ reaction to the carnival.

“I felt that the students may have been a little apprehensive going into it because they are too ‘cool’ for it, but I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about it,”  Zohar said. “In the end I think it went really well and we will do a lot of similar activities in the future.”

Despite the fact that the twelfth grade was victorious, all were satisfied with the outcome of the carnival.

“Even though my grade did not win, I had a ton of fun.” said Alina Sterenfeld (10th). “I cannot wait to see what else student council has planned for the year.”

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