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School Unites to Celebrate Yom Yerushalayim

To honor the official move of the United States embassy to Jerusalem, the Hebrew Academy hosted Noah Solomon to come and sing with students and faculty on Monday, May 14. The kumzitz, or communal singing gathering, was held in the cafeteria and ended a huge success. All of the grades sat in a circle side by side, singing and dancing.

“I liked the kumzitz because it was very peaceful and was a nice break from school and we were able to relax and and have a good time, bond with other people, and sing,” Jacob Stein (10th grade) said.

Assistant Principal Rabbi Assaraf, who arranged the kumzitz, really stressed the need to have Noah Solomon come and sing with the students. He felt that the union the school undergoes as the lights go off and everyone sings songs together is an indescribable moment.

The 12th grade class finished finals a few days prior and were absent during this event. They were greatly missed and were sad to have missed this.

“I heard the kumzitz was amazing,” Rena Kahn (18’) said. “I saw some videos on Snapchat, and they sounded so nice. I am sad I did not go and my classmates too, but I am happy for the underclassmen who did go because they really enjoyed themselves.”

Due to the absence of one class, the high school invited the incoming freshmen to join the celebration. The eighth graders really enjoyed participating in the musical event.

“I really enjoyed going to the high school and singing,” said Naomi Ohana (8th). “Everyone in the middle school and eighth grade is really excited to go to the high school now because we saw a little sneak peak of what it is like there and we just can’t wait to be a part of that next year.”

The addition of the eighth graders helped the cafeteria fill up more which definitely contributed to the positive atmosphere. The high school students enjoyed the company of the middle schoolers, singing and dancing with them.

Esther Nahon (9th) loved the opportunity to sing and unite with the eighth graders. “Having the kumzitz sessions are one of my favorite parts of being a part of the High School because we get to take a load off and enjoy. It was especially nice that the eight graders were invited because we’ve never had this opportunity in the middle school.”

The kumzitz was a hit for all. Noah Solomon captures the students’ attention each time, which makes every event even more enjoyable. This is the second time this year that the kumzitz took place, and all students are looking forward to future kumzitz meetings.

By: Samantha Ebner (10th Grade)

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