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Science Club Starts School Recycling Program


By: Tziyona Gheblikian (10th Grade)

Led by sophomores Uri Kruger and Josh Posner, RASG’s first Science Club is now in action every other Thursday at lunch on the third floor.

Kruger and Posner started the club to spark enthusiasm for science and to help the environment.  

“Our main idea is recycling, but we also need to start getting kids interested in science and show that it is not really about boring periodic tables,” Kruger said. “It is about chemical reactions and exploding things, and it’s more interesting than it really sounds.”

Within two weeks of the club’s presence, the members have already catalyzed change. They noticed that the school was not recycling, so they created a recycling bin for each floor. According to Science Club Faculty Adviser Mrs. Edwards, the bins are all full after only a week.

“I’m really proud of the kids and honestly a little surprised by their enthusiasm,” Edwards said. “They have taken this project to heart and it shows that they will be good citizens and stewards of our planet, which makes me rest easier at night.”

Future plans for the club include doing experiments during meetings and expanding the school’s rooftop garden.

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