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Sharsheret Speaker

This week, the Hebrew Academy students got the opportunity to listen to speaker Deborah Litwik from Sharsheret during Pink Day. The speaker came to raise awareness about breast cancer and share her own story. She told her journey of getting through breast cancer two times! She was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time when she was fifty, and finished her treatments from her second diagnosis only last November. Mrs. Litwik also shared that one of her own daughters got breast cancer, as well, but is doing well and is very active. The takeaway about Sharsheret was that the organization offers help and resources to Jewish women, specifically by helping them get through hard times. The Sharsheret mentors help many Jewish women with breast cancer get through it with other women who understand their situation. One of the many reasons that Pink Day is so important at Hebrew Academy is because it reaches out to women like our wonderful speakers and helps them through tough times. Sharsheret’s Pink Day both raises awareness and is enjoyable for students who get to show their support by wearing pink and eating pink cupcakes. 

By: Tamar Van Dam (9th)

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