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Skating into the New School Year


It’s that time of year again.

On Wednesday, August 22, the Hebrew Academy welcomed new and returning students alike to the 2018-2019 school year. The first day kicked off with donuts, coffee, and a photo booth on the patio, giving high schoolers an opportunity to reconnect with friends after the summer. The new year also brought in new fashion, as the rising seniors donned crowns and the faculty arrived clad in staff polo shirts.

“It was great to come back for senior year and see the whole class, and I really think that the crowns just made it fun and less of a drag to be back,” Adira Kahn (12th grade) said.

“I can’t believe we’re already back. This year looks like it’s going to be amazing,”  said English teacher Mr. Duarte.

Before heading off to class for the first time in two months, students attended an assembly to review policies and meet the faculty. Student Council President Raquel Zohar and Activities Director Rav Oded Karavani addressed the student body and spoke about the year to come. All were excited to hear reports of a school-wide Shabbaton in New York to occur this November.

“This school year has been going good so far,” said Sammy Farkas (10th). “I think the new teachers and different policies really make it better than last year. I hope that the school will only get better throughout the year with different activities and a better learning experience.”

After a week of acclimating to the new school year, the high school embarked on the annual Back to School Bash. No bus was required this year, however. The entire school walked down the street to the Scott Rakow Youth Center for ice skating. The activity was a welcome respite from the South Florida heat, enjoyed by both those who know how to ice skate and those who may have fallen a few times on the ice.

“I really enjoyed being with all my friends and having a nice break from school, but I didn’t enjoy falling nine times,” said Yael Bister (11th).

After an hour or so of gliding and collapsing on the ice at Scott Rakow, students walked back for Mincha and ice cream on the patio.

“I thought that the ice cream party was a very cute way to end the day,” Shani McCarley (12th) said. “I hope that student council does more things like this in the future.”

The 2018-2019 school year began on a high note, balancing out the responsibilities of school with fun and activities. Freshmen, seniors and teachers can all expect a great year with new faces and new changes.

By: Hannah Mayer (12th Grade)

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