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Sleep-4-Students: Fighting Insomnia One Student at a Time


Sleep-4-Students is taking the Hebrew Academy by storm. Over the past few weeks, the new teacher-run business has skyrocketed.

In an exclusive Warrior Word interview, co-founder Rabbi Plaine explained how the brilliant money-making idea started.

“The concept was simple,” Plaine said. “A few of us got together one day and complained about how our students always fall asleep in class, and we realized that we could make real money by putting people to sleep by giving them lessons. After a few days, [co-founder] Mrs. Lemon and I drew up the business model, and students flocked to us like moths to a flame to be put into the deepest sleep of their lives.”

Along with co-founders Rabbi Plaine and Mrs. Lemon, the Sleep-4-Students staff includes Mrs. Sharpie and Rav “Wild Child” Epstein.

If any students are interested in signing up for a Sleep-4-Students lesson, the company can be reached at

By: Jack Benveniste-Plitt (10th Grade)

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