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South Florida Jewish High Schools Stand With Israel

Last week, we were invited to the Scheck Hillel Community Day School, along with various other Jewish high schools, which enabled us to unite for The South Florida Jewish High School Israel Solidarity Assembly. The energy was palpable. The love and endless support for Israel that existed in the jam packed gymnasium permeated far beyond the gym’s walls. The assembly was led by Hillel’s student council; however, each school had student representatives that were given the opportunity to speak. The assembly featured a video montage of alumni from all of the attending schools who happen to be either studying in Israel or serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.

A focal point, made by all of the speakers, was the idea of standing strong together as one nation. This assembly epitomized this idea; we truly came together despite the fact that we all go to separate schools, and lead different lives. We stood together, varying backgrounds and beliefs, but one thing we can and will always be able to agree on is our unwavering love for our homeland: Israel. Am Yisrael Chai!

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