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Sports Banquet

Written by: Owen Ebner (11th)

Quotes compiled by: Joseph Allouche (11th)

At the annual Hebrew Academy Sports Banquet, the school celebrated its student-athletes and their accomplishments. The event, which took place on Monday, began at 5:30, as people arrived at their tables and began eating. Coaches from all sports then spoke and called up their teams to congratulate them for their respective seasons.

For many student-athletes, this was their first sports banquet experience as high-schoolers, since the last two were canceled due to Covid. This excited many students, as they got to bond with teammates while being honored for their accomplishments.

“I think it was great to have the sports banquet back again,” said Ben Farkas (11th) “It’s great to have all the sports teams, with all different ages, come together and have a ceremony honoring all of them,”

Additionally, the banquet allowed student-athletes to be around their senior teammates for the last time in a sports-related setting and many enjoyed the chance to thank these seniors while sending them off.

“It was really nice sitting with the seniors as they got their awards, which they very much deserved,” said Shoshy Stein (11th), “and it’s going to be sad next year not being on sports teams with them. It was really fun while it lasted,”

Clearly, the banquet provided an opportunity for student-athletes to reflect on their seasons as they look forward to next year!

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