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Student Council's Upcoming Events

The student council’s main mission is to plan upcoming events for the student body. Here are a few updates on what has been planned for the rest of the month:

12/24-12/25: Shabbat Oneg and Melaveh Malka with Simcha Leiner. Simcha Leiner is a renowned Jewish Singer and is coming as a special guest next week for two nights filled with music and meaning. On Friday night, an Oneg will take place at the Shul of Beth Israel in Miami Beach. The following evening, there will be a Melaveh Malka at the Abrahams' residence. Both events are open to all high school students. For more information, see the flier.

12/21: Chessed Day with Friendship Circle. A friendship circle is a program that brings together people with special needs and teenage volunteers to create a warm atmosphere and a day of fun. Many times people with special needs can feel pressure in social settings, but a friendship circle allows for everyone to feel like they belong. Next Tuesday, Friendship Circle will come to Hebrew Academy, giving the students a chance to experience this inclusive, friendly environment.

12/23: Open House for 8th graders. In order to make the transition from middle school to high school as easy as possible, the incoming freshmen class will have an open house next Thursday. A panel of students from the high school will join the eighth-graders across the street to address any questions they may have about high school and what they are to expect for the future.

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