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Students Attend Fourth Annual Lag Ba’Omer Kayaking Trip


By: Bailey Spitz (9th Grade)

The high school students celebrated Lag B’Omer this Thursday, May 23, with the fourth annual Lag B’Omer kayaking trip. The expedition to Oleta River Park included kayaking and a barbecue.

“I was so excited to get on the boat. I just was really scared that I would get flipped over,” said Anna Hirsch (9th Grade).

On past trips, Assistant Principal Rabbi Assaraf was a known culprit of flipping over the kayaks. Unfortunately, this year he was absent, putting a damper on some students’ trips.

“I was very sad about Rabbi Assaraf not coming on the trip,” said Ben Reinberg (10th). “It isn’t a Hebrew Academy trip without Rabbi Assaraf.”

Upon arrival, the staff at Oleta distributed life jackets and oars and explained how to paddle. Students boarded the kayaks with their partners, and explored the water. Although they boarded with dry t-shirts and shorts, no one escaped without becoming drenched on this trip.

The first route taken was through the mangroves. Many found it challenging at first to get going, but eventually most got the hang of it.

“My arms were really hurting at the beginning,” said Alexa Szafranski (10th Grade). “But when I got used to it, I had a lot of fun.”

Following the trip through the mangroves, students docked their kayaks and were allowed to play in the shallow water by the beach. There, students spent time splashing each other, swimming, and even doing tricks like placing two people on one person’s shoulder.

“At the beach everyone was getting really wet,” said Hadassah Reich (9th). “People were fighting Rav Oded, going on people’s shoulders; it was really funny.”

Afterwards, students returned to the place where the kayaks were stored. This was followed by a barbeque from J Cafe. Students then proceeded to play some sports and just hang out.

“They gave us chill-time after kayaking. It was nice to relax with my class in an atmosphere outside of the classroom,” said Kayla Wolfson (11th).

The trip was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and all are looking forward to next year’s Lag B’Omer celebration

“It was very fun, and a great trip to have for Lag Ba’omer,”said Noam Glick (10th Grade).

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