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Students Chow Down at Chulent Fest


This Friday, Hebrew Academy high school students and faculty feasted on a sampling of scrumptious chulents for the school’s first chulent festival. Students tried eight different types of chulents prepared by Judaic staff members Rabbi Digadker, Rabbi Wrightman, and Rabbi Assaraf. Each Rabbi put their own unique spin on the classic beans, barley, potato, and meat dish traditionally eaten on Shabbat. Rabbi Assaraf made 4 spicy ones, Rabbi Digadker made 2 vegans and Rabbi Wrightman made two mild chulents.

The chulent festival was a big success among students and staff, who are asking for a repeat soon.

“I thought it was a very cute spin on a very common practice in Judaism,” said Raquel Zohar (11th grade). “I felt that it was one of those things that brings the school closer together. It’s the small things like these that count.”

By: Warrior Word Staff

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