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Students React to Marlins Hiring Kim Ng

By: Owen Ebner (10th Grade)

Due to the absence of school sports, the Warrior Word sports section is publishing its own articles covering professional sports.

This past Friday, Kim Ng made history when she was hired by the Miami Marlins to be the first ever female general manager of a professional sports team. In Major League Baseball's 150 years of existence, this has never been done. Students throughout the school expressed their admiration for Mg's achievement, saying that she is an inspiration as a women and as a minority.

Kim Ng's role will be to completely run the team, such as making trades and signing players. She will be working under legendary baseball player and Marlin's Minority Owner, Derek Jeter, who had a role in hiring her.

Many of the female students felt Ng's achievement is monumental and that she is a true role model.

“Hearing the news that Kim Ng was made the first General Manager of any baseball team is really inspirational and motivational to me," said Naomi Ohana (11th Grade). "As a young woman it is really inspiring to see powerful women in positions that no other have filled.”

Many baseball fanatics amongst the students are thrilled with this hire because of Ng's experience as an Assistant General Manager on the Dodgers and the Yankees.

“[Kim Ng] seems like a very well respected and experienced person," said Bennett Szafranski (10th). "This is something that is very monumental in the league and something very good for the Miami Marlins.”

Although this accomplishment is baseball related, many feel that this will encourage other women to push through other occupational barriers.

“I think it will help not only in baseball, but for women to get any jobs in the world and be looked at as being able to accomplish the same things," said Kayla Herssein (10th).

Students throughout the school said they are thrilled about the hire. Many said that Kim will not only be a trailblazer, but also an excellent General Manager. Marlins fans both inside and outside of the school are excited, and cannot wait to watch Kim Ng do great things.

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