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Students Strike to Save Climate

By: Naomi Ohana (10th Grade)

Last Friday, September 20th, members of Hebrew Academy’s Environment Club took action when they participated in the Climate Strike protest at Miami Beach City Hall.

The week-long strike for climate justice, also known as Fridays for Future, Youth for Climate, and Youth Strike 4 Climate, is an international movement of students who demand action to prevent further climate change. In over 150 countries, millions of students, as well as some adults, protested the use of fossil fuels, which they say are one of the leading contributions to climate change. Nations such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cyprus, and Israel took part in these demonstrations urging leaders to make necessary changes to protect the environment.

Seven of the students from the Environment Club walked from school to city hall to join the protest. Students from all over South Florida flooded the area outside city hall to chant, hold up signs and listen to speakers. Organizations, such as The Cleo Institute and Extension Rebellion explained the seriousness of the current climate situation and the importance of having laws that protect the planet. Other student leaders spoke at the rally condemning politicians for not taking action to protect the climate.

“I think it’s important to protest for climate change because it’s a very urgent issue that affects everyone equally,” said Michelle Behar (12th Grade) who attended the protest. “I wanted to go to the protest because I felt like I could I finally be a part of something that could someday hopefully provide change for a better future.”

The students jumped up and down, shouted along with the crowd and waved their signs demanding change.

“It was so nice and inspiring seeing people get together and fight for a powerful cause for climate justice,” said protest attendee Sarah Attias (12th). “I really enjoyed it and felt like it was really eye opening to see that we are not alone in our fight where most of us believe in this important thing.”

The Environment Club said it is looking forward to continuing to fight for their beliefs in more protests throughout the school year.

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