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Tennis Team Makes Up For Lost Time

This past week the Hebrew Academy high school tennis team played in the District Tournament section 15, district 1a. The team fought hard and ended in a tie for third place.

Although they did not end as district champions, the team still celebrated the victory, as this is the furthest the tennis team has gotten in five years. Every player on the team contributed to many wins throughout the tournament, including Kayla Herskowitz (10th grade) and Kayla Sedighim (10th) who advanced to district finals. 

As well as being a history teacher and varsity boys basketball coach, Mr. Scott Berman is the school’s tennis coach as well.

“Districts are a big tournament at the end of the year and the top six teams compete. Each team plays other players who are in their same seed,” Berman said. “Every win is one point and after all of the games are played, the top two teams advance to regionals.”

Many members of the tennis squad were disappointed with their finish, feeling that they could have done better.

“I’m very upset that we didn’t end in first place,” said Caleb Katz (11th). “I felt that our team had a lot of potential. Gabe Apoj (12th) and I won our first round of doubles which was pretty cool. In our second match though, my racket broke so I wasn’t able to play my best, and we lost.”

Despite the fact that star player Gabe Apoj is graduating this year, the team will have many returning players as well as incoming players. Hopefully, team members say, they will take the championship next year.

By: Samantha Ebner (9th grade)

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