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Thanksgiving Break!

This past week the Hebrew Academy students enjoyed a much-needed Thanksgiving break to spend time with family and friends, and explore new places.

Many students had a meaningful Thanksgiving spending some quality time with their families, such as Ariela Jaimovich (12th) who had a Mexican-cooked meal with her family.

“I had my cousins and grandparents over for my birthday since it’s near Thanksgiving, and cooked Mexican tacos for my family,” Ariela shared.

There were also students who got to reunite with family they had not seen in a while.

“My family hosted a big Moroccan barbecue instead of making turkey. We had around 50 people over—it was huge and super fun especially because I don't get to see them as much since all of my brothers moved out,” said Shirel Benhamu (9th).

While some students spent time with close relatives and had a meaningful break, others had fun staying locally with their friends and hanging out.

For example, Adrian Gibly (10th) enjoyed Thanksgiving with his friends. “Over Thanksgiving I hung out and chilled with the boys. It was really fun and I realized how thankful I am for them,” he shared.

Others even went out to “Friendsgiving”—a Thanksgiving-inspired meal solely with friends—like Nataniel Pinkhasov (10th).

“Over the break I had Friendsgiving. My friends and I all brought different foods, ate dinner, and then watched a movie. We all had a good time,” said Nataniel.

Students also traveled for Thanksgiving, like Ari Roller (11th), who got to spend Thanksgiving in Israel exploring Yeshivas and appreciating the Holy Land.

Ari shared, "this Thanksgiving I was in the Holy Land Jerusalem. I visited Yeshivas because I wanted to explore options for my gap year. It was amazing—a 10/10.”

Similarly, Noah Bensoussan (12th), traveled to Canada for a cousin’s wedding where he got to reunite with family and friends.

“Over Thanksgiving I went to a wedding in Montreal. It was really fun and it was a big thing for me seeing the closest cousin to my age getting married,” he said.

Overall, the Hebrew Academy students experienced a fun and meaningful Thanksgiving break with family and friends in a variety of ways.

By: Tamar Van Dam (9th) & Adina Shagalov

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