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The Battle Begins: First Ever Photo Shop Challenge

Announcing the first ever RASG Photoshop Battle Contest. All students are invited to join the computers elective class in creating funny Photoshop Battle pictures. The entries will appear in the Warrior Word next week, and students and faculty will vote for their favorite. The winner(s) will be awarded a $30 gift certificate and a phone power bank charger. Please submit all entries by Wednesday, December 28th at midnight in order to have your picture considered. Submit entries to:


Visit   RASG Photoshop Battle Contest Site to choose one of the two images provided. Create a funny version of it using Photoshop to doctor up the picture. Include a caption for context or to add humor.


  1. You make work alone or with a partner. No more than 2 students per group.

  2. The ideas and Photoshop work must be your own.

  3. Each student may submit 2 entries.

  4. Wit, humor and sarcasm are encouraged, although not at the expense of any classmates or school faculty. 

  5. If you use an image of someone you know, you must obtain permission from that person. 


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