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The Stress Is Real

The stressful college application season has finally come to a close, and the relief (and anxiety) is starting to set in.

“They worked diligently day and night, considering they missed almost a whole month of school,” said College Guidance Counselor Mrs. Enis. “I think collectively as a team, as a school, we all worked hard and got it all done.”  

Many students started the application process over the summer and are grateful that the deadline is finally up.

“It took long nights and a lot of work to finish,” said Avi Stein (12th).

Despite the completion of the rigorous tasks that come with applying to college, some students expressed concern about the selection process of colleges and universities.

“How am I supposed to fit in all 17 years of my life and show how I affected other people’s lives and the world in just 500 words maximum?” said Julia Ohana (12th). “It is just so selective, and it’s definitely not a fair process. I am so much more than just an essay and a number.” 

Though the stressful time of scrambling to finish applications has passed, the waiting game is just beginning.

“I am nervous, stressed out. I don’t go to bed at night without worrying about each and every one of them,” said Mrs. Enis. “Hopefully they will all get placed somewhere and they’ll all be happy and successful.” 

 Not all students were sweating over the process. “Honestly, I was not stressed out,” said senior Judah Neuwirth. “If you start applying on time you will be fine.” 

At this time next year, these students will be settled into new lives, and will have left their high school days behind.

“I’ll miss the school, but I can’t wait to get out of my bubble and to see what the world has to offer,” said senior Florencia Chami.

By: Zoe Sugar (10th grade)

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