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Twilight: Bite or Fight?

The literary phenomenon known as the Twilight saga has continuously been a #1 New York Times Bestseller. The book series written by Stephenie Meyer and the movies inspired by her novels both hit the top charts in 2008 and are still immensely popular to this day. The Twilight series is under the genres romance, horror, drama, and fantasy. The series begins from the perspective of the main character Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, an award-winning actress. Bella Swan is forced to move in with her father. She moves to Forks Washington, known for its rainy, muggy weather. At her new school, she meets Edward Cullen, her future love interest, played by Robert Pattinson, another highly respectable actor. Bella discovers a crucial secret about Edward: he is a vampire, a mythical blood-sucking creature. The plot unravels further after Edward reveals this disclosed information to Bella. Edward tries to stop Bella from getting involved in his “messy” world, but Bella is stubborn and pushes herself further into his life. In the midst of it all, we get introduced to Bella’s childhood friend Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner. Jacob also has a secret that Bella soon uncovers: he is a werewolf. This creates a love triangle as both Edward and Jacob vie for Bella’s love. Bella now doubts everything she once believed true about herself and the world. She is forced to decide whether or not to remain in the unbelievably complicated world she’s been recently introduced to. As the series goes on the plot thickens, and it's an overall suspenseful, romantic, and one-of-a-kind book. If you are interested in fantasy books, definitely give this book a read!

By: Warrior Word Staff

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