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Warriors fall to Storm

By: Owen Ebner (12th)

Late Thursday night, the Hebrew Academy Warriors Varsity basketball team took on Katz Yeshiva High School in a tight matchup. After going down 26-18 at halftime, the Warriors eventually fought back, closing the deficit to as little as 5 points late in the 4th quarter. However, the rally proved insufficient, as YHS’s clutch free throw shooting sealed a 57-49 loss for the Warriors.

In the teams’ last matchup, YHS won by 20 points. Expecting the Warriors to adjust, YHS changed their defense to a fierce 1-2-2 formation. Although the Warriors did a great job penetrating the middle of the zone defense, they struggled to execute on both layups and free throws, ultimately sealing the loss.

“It was a tight game, but missing our free throws and not finishing around the basket really cost us the game,” said Alon Perez (11th), the team’s starting point guard.

Despite the loss, the Warriors still stand at 4-2. Next week, they will take on both Lasalle and Hillel at home as they attempt to grow the winning record. Go Warriors!

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