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We're All Heroes Together: Color War 2022

This past week, high school students enthusiastically participated in the annual Color War. Color War is a schoolwide tournament in which each grade competes against one another in a series of activities ranging everywhere from sports games to art competitions. Lasting usually around 2-3 days once broken out, students get a break from sitting in a classroom and have the opportunity to engage in school spirit.

This year’s theme was “Marvel”: each class was assigned their own superhero and the color associated with that superhero. For example, the Junior class was the Red Team, which represented Spiderman. In addition to having their own superhero, each team is given a phrase that represents their team: the Blue Team was given the theme of Ahavat Sinam- Baseless Love.

On Monday, students loaded the buses to TY Park to partake in various sports competitions and enjoy the outdoors. Students played games such as basketball, volleyball, football, kickball, and soccer. To add to the fun-filled day at the park, students were provided with a barbeque for lunch and were able to picnic in the fresh air.

“It was finally nice to not be stuck in a room and get to take in the outside,” said Junior Lea Berkowitz. “I loved spending time with my friends and watching the sports games.”

Tuesday, the second and final day of Color War, consisted of various competitions and exercises, including the apache, minute-to-win-it, and cake-decorating. Students also brought out their creative side in submitting their grade’s poster, video compilation, and skit that would be presented and judged in the final ceremony. As announced during the gathering, the Sophomores (the Green team) took the win this year. With the win comes a reward of a half-day off at school and lunch on the beach with their classmates.

“Participating in the color war was an amazing and fun experience. this year’s color war activities especially were the best I’ve experienced,” said Aryeh Izak (10th).

Every year, Morah Twito and the student council work tirelessly to make color war a memorable experience for each student, which we are all very grateful for. Thanks to them, Color War this year was a refreshing break from the normal daily school routine. In just two days, students participated in team-building activities allowing them to bond with their classmates, promoting a general atmosphere of unity within the high school walls.

“The importance of color war, besides the team building and some pause from school, is really to let each individual from the class shine,” said Morah Twito, Activities Director. “The activities at TY park were very successful and well organized. 11th and 12th grade members of the student council worked entirely in their personal hours after school so that the other students wouldn’t suspect anything before…. Because the planning was so good behind the scenes, this is why color war felt so successful.”

By: Kayla Herssein (11th)

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