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Welcome the Class of 2024

The class bonding in school last year pre COVID19
The class bonding in school last year pre COVID19

By: Owen Ebner (10th Grade)

Entering the high school is no easy feat, especially for the incoming freshman class who had to begin their high school career via Zoom. Although this class has had a challenging start, they are hopeful their uniqueness will help them assimilate into the high school family. 

“Our freshman class, despite all the challenges we are experiencing due to Covid-19, is super excited to be a part of the high school,” said Jamie Suster (9th Grade). “We show that enthusiasm in our efforts and dedication to our academic work.”

Despite being an abnormally large class with 48 students, the class of 2024 claims they are all extremely close and manage to maintain friendships by hanging out outside of school, like on Shabbat. 

“I always look forward to hanging out with my friends on Shabbat,” said Abby Rubinov (9th). “Because I am from Miami Beach, I usually host friends at my house. We eat lunch together, go play basketball at the park, and then hang out.” 

This class is characterized by their constant radiation of school spirit. From Color War to Friday assemblies, they bring energy to every event. The middle school teachers also note their dedication and their hilarity. 

 “They are a really strong class that works hard and works well together,” said middle school English teacher Mrs. Ohana. “They are also really funny. They will be a great addition to the high school,” 

With their reputation preceding them, the high school administrators have high hopes for the freshmen and what they can contribute to the high school.

“I heard that they were a great class filled with lots of strong personalities,” said High School Assistant Principal Dr. Lieber. “I interviewed each of them who came from our school and was impressed by their honesty, diversity, and friendships. They seemed like a really inclusive class that respected one another,” 

The upperclassmen are looking forward to getting to know this new class and to hopefully experience all they have to offer when we return back to in-person classes. 

 “As a senior, I’m very excited to get to know the incoming freshmen even though were on Zoom and don’t really have the chance to interact at all because we’re not in any classes together," said Mary Berkowitz (12th). "But as soon as we get back to school, I’m excited to see who they are and learn more about them and help guide them through their journey through high school.”

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