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YHS Game Propels Girls Volleyball to Winning Streak


The Lady Warriors volleyball team kicked off a late-season winning streak after defeating their arch rivals, the Katz Yeshiva High School Storm. Even with three additional wins, their admirable record of 7-5 fell short of qualifying for districts.

The turning point in the season came last Monday when the Lady Warriors trounced the Storm 3-0. The game was heated, reflecting the competition between the two schools.

“I love the energy on the team, especially when we win all three sets. I love the team,” said co-captain Yael Bister (11th grade).

The Storm served first to begin the game, looking for a win on the road. The Lady Warriors, trying for another win at home, jumped out to a four point lead with excellent serves from Alina Sterenfeld (10th). The Lady Warriors maintained an early lead throughout the first set, dominated the Storm, and won by a large margin: 25-9.  

Co-captain Kayla Abramowitz (11th) continued where the Lady Warriors left off in the second set, beginning with an ace. This time around, the Storm cut it closer, creating more difficulty for the Lady Warriors, who narrowly won the second set 25-22. The Storm were persistent in their efforts to keep the game going, beginning the third set with a 8-6 lead. The Lady Warriors responded by out-scoring the Storm 17-9 to finish the set 25-15 and end the game. The Warriors winning all three sets.

Good serves, good communication, and consistent good play through all three games steered the Lady Warriors to a victory.

“I thought it was a really great game. Everyone was so engaged, optimistic, and talented. That is definitely what lead us to our much deserved victory,”  said Tziyona Gheblikian (10th).

The following two games this week were both wins. The game against Doctor’s Charter was close, but the Lady Warriors emerged with a victory of 3 sets to 1. As underdogs, it was a big win for the Lady Warriors. The streak continued against La Progressiva, where the Lady Warriors dominated throughout, winning three quick sets 25-9, 25-15, 25-17.

During the match against La Progressiva, the team honored co-captain Amit Shushan for Senior Night.

“I didn’t know that they were planning it last night, so it was really emotional and sad to know that it would be the last volleyball game I’d ever play at Hebrew academy,” Shushan said. “This season was great,We really came together as a team at the end. I’m going to miss this team and the sport so much. I had the pleasure of being on this team with an amazing coach for four years.” By: Jeremy Dobin (10th Grade)

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