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Warriors’ Winter Break

Last week the Warriors returned from an eleven-day long vacation for winter break. Many students went skiing, while others went to a tropical island, or on a cruise, and some even just relaxed at home in Miami. 

Ninth-grader Yosef Kopel enjoyed his winter break skiing in Colorado. 

“This winter break I went to Beaver Creek, Colorado. I was also able to take a one-day trip to Vail where I went skiing and worked on my technique carving and little cliff jumps. I enjoyed it because I enjoy the thrill of going fast and skiing,” Yosef shared.

Yosef wasn’t the only student who went skiing in Colorado—so did Sophia Shapiro (9th) and Kayla Finkleman (9th). 

However, while Yosef enjoyed the thrill and the rush, these girls enjoyed escaping Miami’s hot weather.

“This winter break we went to Vail to go skiing. We went from the top of the mountain down. It was pretty cold but we got hot chocolate. It was super fun because we enjoyed the change of scenery. It was nice to get away from the heat for a bit,” said Sophia.

On the other hand, other students would rather the heat, and took advantage of it by going to a tropical island. Students like Abie Zohar (9th) and Daniel Pinhasov (11th) both went to Aruba but had very different experiences. 

Daniel shared, “this winter break I went to Aruba. I hung out with my friends and it was chill. I came on Thursday and left on Wednesday, but I had a good time. It was hot and I went jet skiing and tubing a lot.” 

Unlike Daniel, who spent time with his friends, Abie preferred to spend time strictly at the beach but still missed his friends. 

“I went to Aruba, and to my surprise, I enjoyed a very hot place, and while I didn't get to see any of my HA friends this break, I still had an amazing time. I would totally go again,” said Abie.

Many students also seized the opportunity to go on a cruise. 

Sarah Musheyev’s favorite part was having freedom to spend time with family and friends however she wanted to.

“I went to the Bahamas and Cococay. I really enjoyed it because I had friends and family with me this year. It was really fun because I got tan and got to do whatever I wanted. I loved the freedom and I would totally go again,” said Sarah (9th).


William Duda’s cruise highlight was the drastic change in weather from Miami to the Bahamas. 

“The beach was nice. I went to Cococay and the weather was great which is nice since Miami was pretty cold compared. I definitely enjoyed the beach the most and it was really fun, and one hundred percent I would go back next year,” William (9th) enthusiastically stated.

While a lot of students went out, some students decided to have a fun, enjoyable week at home with family and friends.

“On winter break I stayed in Miami. My cousins came for a few days from Australia. It was nice to see them and my friends came. It was nice to see them too. Overall, it was fun when I thought I wouldn't enjoy it so much,” Abigail Eliyav (10th) shared.

Other Warriors like Naomi Schmutter (10th) spent winter break working on her out-of-school activities in Miami.

“I stayed home and went to many dance practices. I enjoyed it because even though I didn't go out of state I still managed to enjoy Miami. It was really fun,” commented Naomi.

By: Tamar Van Dam (9th) & Adina Shagalov (9th)

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